On a balmy summer night where the air was filled with the smell of onions and green peppers and various meats roasting on grills, and the laughter of children and the chatter of parents, friends and lovers, my wife and I turned a corner and stepped into a magical moment.

There in front of us was a stage with a cellist and a guitarist/singer and from this duo flowed the sound of the soul and agony of a people.

The song was “On The Turning Away” which was written by David Gilmour and Anthony Moore of Pink Floyd but had been totally brought under the craft and control of these two gifted musicians.

The crowd was captivated, the lyrics told our struggle –  stuck in this materialistic, I, me, mine, society where it is so easy to turn away from those who are truly in need. This was also in the middle of the G.W. Bush years. It was the finale of the show and we were blessed to have caught it.

This wasn’t about “bling” this was not a “performance”, this was one of our few elder statesmen speaking heart to heart –  not for “press” or “fame” but for what we used to call “the people” –  the hurt, the downtrodden, the forgotten…. 

He left us today and we mourn.

But I’ll always have that moment.


May God bless you Richie Havens

Jan. 21, 1941 –  April 22, 2013



As we come to the end of this challenging year, it is refreshing to remember the birth of Jesus the Christ and the continuing work of our Saviour.

We have survived a couple of predictions of doom this year. We have survived a contentious presidential election. We have and will continue to survive many new challenges –  because of the birth of this small child who came to transform this world.

May you and yours have a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Shining Tree


I ran across this picture on the net and was struck by the complete wrongness of it all:

South Carolinian newspaper Rock Hill Herald

(Click to enlarge)

The photograph at the top of this newspaper page (from the South Carolina Rock Hill Herald) is of students fleeing from Shady Hook Elementary School after the tragic shootings that occurred there. The photograph at the bottom of the newspaper page is an advertisement for a Holiday sale at a local gun store. We won’t even go into why Santa is pushing guns this Christmas.

The paper has since offered an apology for this insensitive ad placement, saying that the page layout decision had been made the day before the Shady Hook tragedy took place.

Ah, American capitalism, remember –  those guns represent jobs and those jobs represent money so that people can purchase the good things in life for their children who can go to good schools where those guns….

Hey All,

Dashante is home!

Thank you for your help, your concern, your prayers and your support. Early this morning, March 17, 2012, our Dashante was returned to us.

She is currently in the hospital, but she is alive and safe.

There are really no words to express my gratitude for everyone’s efforts on behalf of Dashante. But, thank you!

Continue to pray with us and we will certainly continue to pray with you.

Thanks again.

Hey All,

I know this is a busy news cycle –  a devastating tornado in Dexter, a horrible crash in western Michigan, Detroit’s financial crisis –  but please don’t let Dashante Miller be overlooked.

Dashante (pronounced Day-sha-nay) was last seen around 7:30 am March 14, 2012 at her home in the 18000 block of Kentfield in Detroit Michigan.

It is not like Dashante to be gone for so long without contact with her mother or someone in her family.

Flyers are being passed out. Channels 2, 4, and 7 are running her story, but with so much other news today it is imperative that we use every means possible to find Dashante NOW.

If you know anything about where Dashante might be or who she might be with please call Detroit Police at (313) 596-5600.


If you can help with any information, it is crucial that you respond now while memories are still fresh. Please help us find Dashante.

Thank You

Hey all,

I urgently need your help right now in this missing person case.

Dashante Miller who lives in the 18000 block of Kentfield in Detroit Michigan is missing.

It is extremely unlike Dashante to be out of touch for this period of time (more than 24hrs.). Dashante has Type 1 Diabetes, and requires six daily injections. She does not have her medication with her.


 Dashante (pictured above) is 20yrs old. She is 5’3″, weighs 141 lbs and has brown eyes and brown hair. Dashante was last seen around 7:30am March 14, 2012 at her home on Kentfield.


If anyone has seen Dashante, please call Detroit Police’s 6th & 8th Precinct  at (313) 596-5600.


Dashante is not a run-away, she didn’t leave in anger, has no drug or psychological issues and is loved and missed by her entire family.



If you have any information about Dashante please do not hesitate to call (313) 596–5600 NOW.


Together we CAN help!

May each and everyone have a truly peaceful and blessed Christmas.

In the midst of it all remember that Jesus IS the reason for the season!