Here’s a picture of one of my prized possessions:


It’s called an Ondioline, and though it’s rather worn and torn now, it was a great instrument in it’s day.

This very keyboard was used on several Motown songs including ‘Dream Come True’ by The Temptations, and ‘Seventeen’ by The Supremes.

It came into my possession after the old Motown ‘Studio B’ closed. I’m told that Stevie Wonder also used this little keyboard. It is mentioned in the book – “Berry, Me, and Motown: The Untold Story” which was written by Raynoma Gordy Singleton and published in 1990.

Wiki estimates there to be only about 24 of these left in the world. It’s not in working order, but I’ll always treasure it as my little piece of authentic Motown.

Now, speaking of Authentic….
Here’s another song from my CD. This one is called ‘Jnap’. I wrote this song while thinking about the rhythm of the assembly line in an auto plant where I used to work. It’s the type of song I used to love to hear around 3am as I worked the night shift and chased all those cars!

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See ya

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