Woke up this morning thinking about some good friends of mine who have died. Young musicians who never became famous, who never made a big splash, yet their lives will be missed.

The track ‘What Love’ on the CD Authentic is a reflective piece of music that sometimes gets me looking back.  Listen….

I remember a friend named Darryl Flood who played bass in one of my early bands. A great guy who got caught up in drugs and died at a very early age. I can sometimes still hear the sound of his bass though. He’d developed his own touch, and like so many other things about him, it will be missed.

Then there was Raphael Talley, another bass player. He played in a band we had called ‘The Connection Band”. Great sense of humor and a steady bass man. He passed at an early age also.

There was Guy Patterson, a gifted guitarist who played in a few local bands and whom Pat and I worked with in the studio. He was the type of musician you love to have on a session, always trying to give what the producer wanted. He is missed.

All of these memories remind me that today is all that we know we have. Each day we have to do the best we can. Tomorrow it might be us being thought of in memories.

This was a driving force for me in the recording of Authentic.  Like it or not – it is my statement that I’m still alive and kicking!

See ya!