When I was a child there was music for me. When I became a teen there was music for me. There was music for me in my young adult years.  There was music for me in my not-s0-young-adult years – you know those years when you’re not young,  but you don’t want to consider yourself old yet.

Now that I’ve reached a mature state of life, I look around and it’s hard to find music for me. I don’t want to listen to ‘my baby done left me’ music or ‘ohh look at her’ music all day. That ‘brick-house’ is the same age as my daughter!

I guess that’s part of what draws me to Smooth Jazz.  For the most part the music is instrumental,  so the melody can say whatever I want it to say.  In the best Smooth Jazz you can hear the craftsmanship of the musicians.  You can appreciate the years of effort they bring to the table.

Now,  radio Smooth Jazz is a different story. Talk about ‘dumbing down’. Most of these stations play music that’s just a step from elevator music. Muzak. But good Smooth Jazz has an elegance in quality, and a sophistication that draws you.

When I began working on my CD Authentic I wanted to create some music that had that sense. Not something to play as you sit on the crack house porch. Not something to play as you and your car load of ‘scrubs’ cruise the strip.

Something with an air of elegance and sophistication. Hope I got there. Take a listen:

Here’s ‘Cool’ :

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Spencer-Fields Records

See ya