Hey friends,

When I started the project that became the CD ‘Authentic’, I thought that the hard part would be writing, arranging, and producing the songs.  I was wrong.

The hardest part of this thing is promotion!  Building the better mouse trap was easy, it’s getting the world to beat a path to your doorway that’s HARD.

So far I’ve done pretty well getting promoted on the SoundClick site. They get over 100,000 visitors a day, and as of today – Feb. 24, 2007  I’m sitting at number 3 on the Smooth Jazz Charts and number 8 on the regular Jazz Charts. But so far that hasn’t turn into a real sales jump. I see that it’s easier to get people to listen then it is to get folks to buy….


So now my focus has to shift from the creative side of things to being a salesman. Maybe a strong arm man. It’s really hard getting folks to part with their hard earned dollars, no matter how much they say they love your product.

But I’m told that sometimes it can take almost a year to get a project sucessfully launched.  I intend to hang in there for as long as it takes. Stay with me and let’s see how it goes.

Oh yeah, if you didn’t catch the episode of the “Smooth Groover’s Review” that “Jnap” was played on (it’s listed as: SG Episode S2-7 just scroll down the page till you see it and then click the button below where it says ‘Please Play Here’ they get to “Jnap” about 24 minutes into the show), you can click on this link and hear the show: Smooth Groover’s Review.

See ya!