Hey friends,

Well, well. Today, Feb. 25, 2007 the song “Jnap” (my ode to the Jefferson North Assembly Plant) is NUMBER ONE on both the SoundClick Jazz Charts and the Soundclick Smooth Jazz Charts!



Thanks for all your help in getting this song to the top of the charts! I still need your help though – there’s only one direction from the top and that is to fall, so I need you to help me stay on top. Please click on either of the above pictures and hit the gray (for modem users) or green (for DSL & Cable users) button below my name. Four 2 minute samples will play and help keep “Jnap” on top.

And if you haven’t bought the CD ‘Authentic’ yet, don’t forget that you can get it by clicking here: CD Baby and if they are out you can always find it here: Kunaki Distributors.

Thanks again all!

See ya!