March 2007

Hey friends,

Detroit’s been in the news a bit lately, some of it good and some of it bad…. well most of it.

Reuters reports that Detroit and it’s suburbs have lost more residents in the past six years than “any comparable U.S. area except hurricane-battered New Orleans“, and reports on the over 300,000 jobs lost in that six year period. Then comes one of our state’s Republican congressmen with the statement that returning troops from Iraq tell him that war-torn Iraq “is reasonably under control, at least as well as Detroit or Chicago or any of our other big cities.” Thanks congressman Walberg….

Then there was the report about our housing crisis brought to you by Fox News. In it there is the story of one buyer who found that houses he thought were bargains at $70,000 two years ago were now selling for just $35,000.” and on it goes about the fragile state of our real estate market.

Of course there’s the story of the 35 schools which will soon be closing, and there’s the story of a rapist on the loose on the west side….

Well, you get the picture. Still there’s hope for this city yet. There’s something unstoppable in the nature of the citizens of this city and it’s just a matter of time before we awake and scream “Enough is enough!”

There is new housing going up around town, the three casinos are rebuilding, the water front is sprouting new developments, we have a new superintendent of schools, we have a mayor who seems to be growing up…. sometimes I guess we need our backs to the wall before we realize what’s going on.

Mayor Kilpatrick talks about “Next Detroit”, well I don’t know about that, but I know that “This Detroit” still has possibilities and if all the good folks don’t run away – the possibilities for a great future still exist. A city is more than houses, and institutions, it is about people. We CAN make a difference here. Support all the local efforts underway and the local businesses trying to make a difference. Yeah, even Spencer-Fields Records, in our own way we too can help put The Motor City back on the map in a good light. That ain’t shameless promotion, it’s a fact. Each business that thrives here helps the whole area revive.

See ya!


Hey friends,

It’s a sunny day today and they say it’ll probably reach 65 degrees or more, so I thought it was about time to look at what this city will have to offer us this coming summer.

Down by the RenCen the River Walk is up and running. Right now you can walk from close to the Joe Louis Stadium on past Hart Plaza and the RenCen and on about half a mile or so, there you get cut off by the new construction.


They say that by this summer we should be able to walk from Hart Plaza all the way to Belle Isle in an unbroken line, right past the parks at Mt. Elliot and Chene Park.

Out on Belle Isle work is under way for the return of Grand Prix racing on Labor Day weekend.



And over at the Flower house the dates (the fruit) are sprouting on the gaint Palm tree.


There’s a lot of building going on all over town, looks like summer should be great! Personally I can’t wait to sit outside on a summer night with the smell of barbecue in the air and “Cool” on the sound system.

See ya!

Hey friends,

Hope you’re all adjusted to the time change – I’m not.  Strange how one little hour can throw your whole biological clock off.  I love the extra daylight, but there’s got to be a better way.

The warm weather has me thinking about summer and the joy of walking outdoors without a coat. Also got me looking forward to outdoor live music, and the smell of food on a charcoal grill….

Looking forward to scenes out on the island like this:


Can hardly wait until this old town puts on that green glow:


Patience is a virtue, and I’ll be sure to remember how I longed for summer when I’m sweating in the sun about to complain about the heat….

By the way, “Jnap” is floating up and down the SoundClick charts,  so when you get a chance go over to the site and keep clicking on the song.  Click on the link above if you’ve forgotten or didn’t bookmark the site.

See ya!

Hey Friends,

Another day on the charts, today “Jnap” is sitting at number 8 on the SoundClick Jazz Charts, and number 3 on the SoundClick Smooth Jazz Charts.

I’ve been off-line for two or three days because of a computer crash. Lost all my stuff, and had to start over. Glad most of the valuable stuff was stored on an external drive or in cyber-space. Thanks for carrying on in my absence.

“Jnap” had gone down to number 10 on the Jazz Charts, and number 4 on the Smooth Jazz Charts, but thanks to your plays it’s moving back up. There are thousands of songs on that site with new ones added every day so its good to see “Jnap” hanging around the top ten for a while.

Thanks again, and keep clicking!

See ya!