Hey friends,

Hope you’re all adjusted to the time change – I’m not.  Strange how one little hour can throw your whole biological clock off.  I love the extra daylight, but there’s got to be a better way.

The warm weather has me thinking about summer and the joy of walking outdoors without a coat. Also got me looking forward to outdoor live music, and the smell of food on a charcoal grill….

Looking forward to scenes out on the island like this:


Can hardly wait until this old town puts on that green glow:


Patience is a virtue, and I’ll be sure to remember how I longed for summer when I’m sweating in the sun about to complain about the heat….

By the way, “Jnap” is floating up and down the SoundClick charts,  so when you get a chance go over to the site and keep clicking on the song.  Click on the link above if you’ve forgotten or didn’t bookmark the site.

See ya!