Hey friends,

It’s a sunny day today and they say it’ll probably reach 65 degrees or more, so I thought it was about time to look at what this city will have to offer us this coming summer.

Down by the RenCen the River Walk is up and running. Right now you can walk from close to the Joe Louis Stadium on past Hart Plaza and the RenCen and on about half a mile or so, there you get cut off by the new construction.


They say that by this summer we should be able to walk from Hart Plaza all the way to Belle Isle in an unbroken line, right past the parks at Mt. Elliot and Chene Park.

Out on Belle Isle work is under way for the return of Grand Prix racing on Labor Day weekend.



And over at the Flower house the dates (the fruit) are sprouting on the gaint Palm tree.


There’s a lot of building going on all over town, looks like summer should be great! Personally I can’t wait to sit outside on a summer night with the smell of barbecue in the air and “Cool” on the sound system.

See ya!