June 2007

Hey all,

I’ve been hard at work on the new CD, and I’m close to putting it together. I think I’ll call it a soundtrack CD, because it’s not just Smooth Jazz or any particular type of music. I’m not even really sure it won’t have vocals (not me).

Anyway I need some feedback on what to include on the CD, so when you get a chance go over to MakeTunes and have a listen. You can find all my stuff there at: Wendell’s Music

While you’re there check out the other artists’ music, I’m sure you’ll find something that you like.

See ya.


I found a great new site for music yesterday, it’s called MakeTunes  and it’s a place where people who have home studios can post their projects.

There is also a lot of information about home recording, and links to lots of free software. Anyone who is interested in recording their own music and even those who would just like to know more about how it is done should visit this site.

You can browse the music – you’ll find everything from rock to rap to classical – and most of it can be downloaded FREE.

If you join (also free) you can participate in the user’s forums and post comments on the music.

I found a great music sequencer program there called “Reaper” that has more features in it’s free version than all of the $399.00 programs that were out when I first started using MIDI to record…. back in the day.

I’ve been looking for sites where artists can present their music to the public without a lot of hassles and this site does just that (if you know of any others let me know).

I’ve placed several of my new works on this site and you can download them (in mp3 form) for free from there. Probably a good deal,  because when I release them in my new CD there will  be changes to them and you can boast about having the pre-release versions.

Go to the site, look around and if nothing else you’ll find my new stuff there – you might have to enter my name in the ‘search box’, Wendell L. Spencer.

Be adventurous and get off the beaten path, see what’s out there. Enjoy!

See ya.

Been awhile, but I think I’m back again. Between computer crashes and writing new music, I haven’t been able to post lately. I’ve been writing the follow-up to my CD “Authentic”. The writing has been going well and you can hear some of it at the SoundClick site or on my MySpace page.

If you go to the SoundClick site be sure to sign up (it’s free) and then you’ll also be able to vote for my music and help it move up the charts.

Things are going well, the summer is coming up fast and the festivals are on the way.  I plan on going down to the new “River Walk” and when I do I’ll be sure to post some pictures of whats going on down there. Looking forward to this year’s fireworks and of course the Jazz Festival.

I hope to check in with the new pics and music later this week, until then….

See ya.