Hey all,

Welcome to Elegant Thoughts with Elegant Changes. I’ve added a ‘Sonific’ widget to the blog where you can hear some of the music I’ve discovered over at that site (feel free to click on the play button). It’s an effort to help get new music heard – not only my own, but other interesting music that’s out there.

I often complain about how much good music is available these days that never gets heard, but wading through all that new music can take days! So I thought I’d kind of help us all out by sifting through and weeding out the bad stuff. In this short play-list you’ll find some of the things I’ve found so far – some old some new.

I hope to update this list each week so that there will be at-least ten great songs on there at any time. So, to use a phrase from an old blog of mine (and the new end phrase for this one) – brew the java, put on those sippers, and find that comfortable spot….


See ya….