Hey all,

Just reading about the Marion Jones doping scandal (if anything can be called scandalous these days).

Marion Jones the winner of so many Gold and Silver Olympic medals who today turned most of them back in, was it really worth it? I mean even if you get away with it, is it really comforting to sleep at night knowing that the adoration you’re receiving isn’t deserved.


To know that all those statements you are making are lies? To see the little children looking at you as their “hero” and all the while knowing that it’s all a fake? Seems that all that matters these days is winning – no matter how you do it. From sports to the “war” on terrorism….

On a lighter note, check out the ten song play list for this week and give me some feed-back about what to keep and what to delete. And if it all gives you the ‘blues’ take a trip over to HERE and learn how to really sang the ‘blues’!

Now, you know the drill:

Java, slippers and that comfortable spot….

See ya.