Hey all,
The internet is great at providing information fast, but it can also provide bad information fast and maybe faster.

Ever get one of those e-mails – like the one claiming that the new U.S. dollar coins omit the motto “In God We Trust”?


Well, before you put stock in any of those e-mails, go over to Snopes.com and find out if there’s any truth to them. Snopes researches those e-mail claims and other urban legends. They also can tell you about those unbelievable photos you run across from time to time.

And speaking of “Urban Legends”, NO – some guy named Christopher did not “discover” America on this date in 1492 – it was already there and doing fine….

Ran across this old poster….


That used to be THE Detroit Jazz station….


Rosetta Hines the First Lady of Detroit Jazz, I remember one of her on-air sayings – “It ain’t the size of the ship that makes you sea-sick, it’s the motion of the ocean.”

Ah, the sweet, good old days……

java, slippers, and that comfortable spot….

See ya.