Why is it that so many of our young men whose futures look SO bright jeopardize all they have for trivial things?


It’s not just rap and rappers, it’s the culture of this material society we live in today. TI, Michael Vick, Snoop (doing the orange jacket community thing), those are only the tip of the iceberg – check your local prison system and you’ll find HUNDREDS of less successful carbon copies. Young men full of potential who have for one reason or another wasted their chance at fulfilling that potential. Lifers. 18 with no place to go but a 12X12 – 23 hour a day room.

If the charges stick – his life will take quite a dramatic turn (good-bye American Gangster), if they don’t stick many more young men will be embolden to copy his behavior – forgetting that they don’t have access to his ‘Dream Team’ caliber lawyers. It ain’t the ‘STAR’s that I feel for – it’s the wanna be’s that wind up with a public defender, a life sentence, and a future shot to Hell….