After writing just yesterday about the conviction of two people in the slaying of two children (Orlando Herron -Age:13 and Darren Johnson – Age: 11) news comes this morning of the killing of two more children even younger.

The children whose names have not been released were only SIX and NINE years old!

Two adults in their thirties were also slain in the same incident (which took place in the 3000 block of Clairmount). It’s a developing story, so details are sketchy but it seems the killer was allowed into the house and waited for all four of the victims to fall asleep before viciously killing them.

“It shouldn’t be me, as chief of police, saying we have to put a blanket on our city and take it back,” the Free Press quoted Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings saying. The Chief also asked for the community to abandon it’s culture of not wanting to “snitch” on criminal suspects.

If you can know anything about who committed this horrible crime and keep it to yourself – God have mercy on you. I can understand fear keeping someone from coming forward, what I cannot understand is the warped concept that it’s always wrong to turn in the criminals who are abusing our community!

As a community we’ve been raped, robbed, drugged, prostituted, beaten, abandoned, and now slaughtered by our own….



When is enough……


(read the Free Press story HERE)

See ya.