After finding out about the tragic deaths of four people over on Clairmount yesterday my wife and I went by to pay our respects and to offer any assistance to the greiving families.

When we arrived (around 7pm) we had a chance to talk with a young lady who is the mother of one of the victims’ children. She has a eight year old daughter by Jason Davis, who was one of the adults killed in that senseless slaughter. Her daughter sat in a vehicle parked across from the house where her father was slain, playing with a couple of other children who were with her. How do you deal with all that at eight?

Across the street from the house about ten or twelve neighbors had gathered, someone had brought a T.V. out onto the porch, there were a few 40oz.’, and the smell of burning blunts was in the air. Several children were playing nearby….

The door to the house where the murders occurred was wide open, lights were on inside. No crime tape, no barricade, no officer standing guard. People had already begun building a “stuff toy shrine” on the ledge of the front window. Stuffed toys – in rememberance of the slain children (so many poor children without toys – why do we leave them for children who can no longer play with them?).

A young man who came up while we were talking said that he had gone through the house after the police had finished gathering evidence. He said it was the worse looking crack house he had seen (and he assured us that he had seen a few), he talked about broken water pipes and trash all over the house. He talked about the bloody bedrooms where the four had been killed. When we asked why the house was left open, a young lady who was standing with us told us that a policewoman had explained to her that since they had a suspect in custody and the evidence team had been there, the house was no longer considered a “crime scene” and that it was being left open so that the family and neighborhood could go through. She said the Mayor had been there and had instructed the officers to leave the house open.

I thought about the Steven Grant case. Steven Grant is a man who murdered his wife and tried to hide his crime by dismembering her body and hiding it. His crime was horrible, but I don’t think they left his house open for the public to go through…. anybody? Any child?

Naw, I don’t think they do it that way everywhere…..

There’s a prayer vigil scheduled for tonight at 7pm outside the house. Minister Malik Shabazz will be there to “speak out against the crime and against the violence and to increase the peace and love.”

The “Hood”, it’s enough to make you want to cry….

I’m praying now.

See ya.