I hope I’m through with this story – at least until the murderer’s conviction.

The house where four people were shot to death, at 3030 Clairmount was set on fire early this morning (Sunday October 21, 2007).

I went past there after church today, and it’s a burnt out shell now. The “stuffed toy shrine” burned with the rest of the place….

I understand why it was done, but sweeping the sight of that place out of memory, while leaving the underlying cause, ain’t much help.

The problems that brought that crack house into existence are still here. The motivation for young men to build careers in the drug trade is still here. The women and children who become victims of an unprotecting, weak, male populace are still here.

We can sweep this stuff under the carpet, we can sweep and sweep until all our carpets are full – when you look around there will still be more. Every stroke of the broom just creates more tears up the road. What we hide, we forget – and what we forget, we repeat….

Lynette Lawson (28), Alexus Eppinger (9), and Terrance Eppinger (6) will be laid to rest Thursday October 25, 2007  at 10am at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 13651 Dequindre in Detroit Michigan. I don’t have information yet on the arrangements for the other victim, Jason Davis (34).

See ya.