Today was a bright, crisp, fall day in Detroit.

I got ready early this morning to attend the home-going service for Lynnette Lee Lawson, Alexus Shapphire Eppinger, and Terrence Safi Eppinger Jr. They were three of the four people killed last week in a house over on Clairmount street. I understand that the other victim, Jason Davis, will be laid to rest sometime next week.

It was a heartbreaking thing to see, those three coffins….

Little Terrence, so small, so young and full of promise, their mother Lynnette laid out in the middle, and sweet, little Alexus.

Family and friends and others who were just concerned all gathered together and mourning the great loss. So much grief, for what? What could possibly be so important that it could make four human lives worth taking? What on earth could be worth all this grief? Amazing how one person’s foolishness can affect so many and disrupt so many lives.

Tears, screams of grief, many a wet eye, and yes, even a few judgmental eyes. But, no matter what circumstances brought this about, those kids were innocent, beautiful, and full of promise. I sat with the grandmother of one of Lynnette Lawson’s nephews and heard the many tearful remarks that were given and it all seemed almost unreal. Teachers who had lost good students, relatives who had lost family, friends who had lost good friends.

I had to leave before the eulogy because I had to attend another home going service, but my heart goes out to all those grieving this great tragedy.

I’ve learned from this and other tragic events that there are many things we need to say to the ones we love while we yet can, and not wait until they are gone to try and say all that is in our hearts.

The second service I attended today was for the cousin of a good friend of mine, and the service was truly beautiful. The minister delivered an honest and straightforward eulogy. He didn’t know the deceased and didn’t pretend that he did, he just addressed the needs of those gathered to celebrate the life and mourn the passing. He encouraged us all to use the tears the Lord has given us – he explained that we express our grief in tears because we love. He said that our tears are the price we pay for love.

It’s a small price to pay….

See ya.