January 2008

Hey all,

Well, the mayor has spoken.


The “Spin” is in!

Too, too, too much to go into and it’s being talked about all over the place anyway, but….

What started as a question of abuse of power – by firing and then belittling the former Deputy Chief of Police Gary Brown – turned into that old saying “If you dig one grave, best dig two.”

I not only sympathize with Mayor Kilpatrick, I empathise with him. I feel his hurt and understand his pain, but I can still sense arrogance.

I’ve written before that I’m not a big Oprah fan, but Carlita – don’t walk, run – and let the sister give you some tough talk about tough love.

If this were just a matter of marital infidelity it would be easy to close the book and look ahead. But this is so much more.

First there’s this little matter of nine million dollars of taxpayer money. Then there’s the matter of possible perjury. Oh and need I mention credibility?

And hey Mr. Mayor, don’t try to make ME feel guilty about YOUR indiscretion. (I wouldn’t be looking if there wasn’t a wreck.)

And don’t you love it when you hear that phrase – “This is between me and God.” I hope the prosecutor feels the same way, though I doubt that’s a viable defense.

Time will tell, just a shame we have to ride along with time.

Using the church for the backdrop of the speech?

I can still see him in my mind’s eye standing on the steps of the Manoogian Mansion stating that he would not “whore around” because he couldn’t do that to his “God, his family, or the citizens of Detroit.” I see him on the stand swearing to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth “so help me God.” I hear him deny any romantic or sexual relationship with Ms. Beatty, and then I see him give his speech in a church….

Lord help….

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Hey all,


It’s not the infidelity, not the immorality, no not the sin of adultery – it’s the AUDACITY of mayor Kwame Kilpatrick!

It’s the ability to unblinkingly LIE to the people, pastors, seniors of Detroit, the media, AND the COURTS. It’s the blatant lack of respect for all that our forefathers fought for. It’s the abuse of power.

It’s no secret that much of the money that pays the taxes in Detroit comes from our senior citizens. Many of them are retirees or the widows of retirees. The $9 million dollars that will be paid out to cover the so-called “Whistle-blower” lawsuit that our mayor recently lost will come out of the pockets of those seniors. This on top of their rising water rates and decreased city services.

What a way to pay back those who labored and died looking forward to a day like this – a day when our city would have a black mayor, majority black city council, black (and female) police chief, black school board, and majority black population.

They NEVER would have dreamed that they were sweating and toiling in those factories and cleaning those folks houses, and watching those kids and mopping those toilets so that the fruit of their labor could be used to pay off the folly of an arrogant, selfish, corrupt child.

Some Detroit widows call the pension check that they receive each month “my husband”, meaning the provision that their husbands left behind for them, but those husbands would be outraged at how their legacy is now being spent.

There seems to be a pattern developing in our community of some official being caught at one thing or another and coming forward to ask forgiveness for their deeds.

That’s honorable.

There seems to be a pattern developing in our community that those same officials have something else that they are hiding, they have a – “I’ll tell you what I know you will forgive, but I won’t tell you the whole truth.” attitude.

That’s dishonorable.

When a man can state falsehoods with a straight face and a convincing tone…. that’s a dangerous man.


I can remember that day a while back when the mayor addressed the city from the steps of the Mangooian Mansion, he was there to answer questions about the firing of Gary Brown. He portrayed himself as a God-fearing family man, a man of the people whose only concern was the welfare of the city….

It reminds me of the play “A Raisin In The Sun” where the son squanders the hard earned money that the father had left for the care and protection of his family.

“I seen… him… night after night… come in… and look at that rug… and then look at me… the red showing in his eyes… the veins moving in his head… I seen him grow thin and old before he was forty… working and working and working like somebody’s old horse… killing himself… and you – you give it all away in a day…”

“That money is made out of my father’s flesh!”

(from “A Raisin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry)

“Kwame man, don’t do it!”

See ya.

Hey all,

I awoke this morning and as usual I made the rounds of my favorite news sites. I made my way to the ClickOnDetroit website and found an article about a visit that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had made to Grosse Pointe Michigan before his death.

As I read the article I noticed an error – they stated that the speech took place in 1968 the same year as the Detroit riot.

I was here during the riot, and that was 1967, not 1968.

I e-mailed the site and got a prompt response, the correction had been made.

I went back to the site to check, and sure enough the reference to the Detroit riot had been removed – however the article still stated that the speech was given “just three weeks before he was assassinated.” and gave the date of the speech as Aug. 14, 1968.

I KNOW that Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, so finding him in Grosse Pointe Michigan, four months after his death on August 14, 1968, came as a shock.

I shot back a polite but earnest e-mail seeking a further correction. I got a prompt and terse reply stating that there had been a “typo” and that the article was now correct – please refresh the page in my web browser.

I refreshed the page and voile! NO ARTICLE!

Why correct when you can simply remove?

To get the facts about anyone’s life incorrect is wrong, but to do so with Dr. King – whose basic information can be quite quickly Googled – is unpardonable. It shows a basic lack of respect – for Dr. King, and the target audience of that article.

It’s like the old T.V. show Dragnet:

“The facts ma’am, just the facts”

See ya.

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