Hey all,

Well, the mayor has spoken.


The “Spin” is in!

Too, too, too much to go into and it’s being talked about all over the place anyway, but….

What started as a question of abuse of power – by firing and then belittling the former Deputy Chief of Police Gary Brown – turned into that old saying “If you dig one grave, best dig two.”

I not only sympathize with Mayor Kilpatrick, I empathise with him. I feel his hurt and understand his pain, but I can still sense arrogance.

I’ve written before that I’m not a big Oprah fan, but Carlita – don’t walk, run – and let the sister give you some tough talk about tough love.

If this were just a matter of marital infidelity it would be easy to close the book and look ahead. But this is so much more.

First there’s this little matter of nine million dollars of taxpayer money. Then there’s the matter of possible perjury. Oh and need I mention credibility?

And hey Mr. Mayor, don’t try to make ME feel guilty about YOUR indiscretion. (I wouldn’t be looking if there wasn’t a wreck.)

And don’t you love it when you hear that phrase – “This is between me and God.” I hope the prosecutor feels the same way, though I doubt that’s a viable defense.

Time will tell, just a shame we have to ride along with time.

Using the church for the backdrop of the speech?

I can still see him in my mind’s eye standing on the steps of the Manoogian Mansion stating that he would not “whore around” because he couldn’t do that to his “God, his family, or the citizens of Detroit.” I see him on the stand swearing to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth “so help me God.” I hear him deny any romantic or sexual relationship with Ms. Beatty, and then I see him give his speech in a church….

Lord help….

See ya.