Hey all,

Just finished watching the latest debate in Ohio, between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I’m proud of the way he handled himself – not as a black man, but as a viable candidate.


Astute, erudite, articulate, competent and focused. Those are some of the words that come to mind after seeing him in this debate, and I’m ready to vote.

There was one exchange that might cause him some grief in the black community though. In response to receiving the endorsement of Minister Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, Barack’s statement that he would “reject and denounce” the Minister’s anti-semitic statements and endorsement might be interpreted by some as a denouncement of Farrakhan himself. (The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire picked up on that exchange before ten-thirty this evening, check it out here.) I hope that we can put that fight (if there must be one) off until after the general election….

It’s truly a shame that we in Michigan have been disenfranchised as far as these primaries are concerned. That must never happen again!

On the lighter side, I think Hillary might have hired a Hollywood make-up team for this debate, she almost looked good enough to keep Bill home….

See ya.