Hey all,

With sooo much bad news coming out of Detroit (especially about our youth) it’s good to hear some good news now and then.

Here’s what hard work, a family’s love, God-given skills and much prayer can produce:


Meet Keith Appling, number 32 for Pershing High in Detroit. He’s a point guard/shooting guard rising star and headed for Michigan State (MSU) soon.

Keith has been rated a 4-star recruit by both Scout.com and Rivals.com, and here’s a portion from his ESPN evaluation:

July, 2008: “Appling is a good athlete who has good size and strength with long arms. He has a scorer’s mentality but is unselfish enough to also log minutes at the point guard position.”

and from June, 2008 – “He is known for his over 30 point outbursts both in High School and during the summer circuit.”


From a “Ballers Network” interview:
My basketball moment: “I scored 50 points one time at an AAU tournament in Ohio. It was against King James’ team. A lot of people were there and the gym was crazy.”

Pride – I’m proud of Keith. I’m proud of his family’s support and guidance (especially his MOM – she takes no stuff!) and his grandmother and grandfather, Fred and Annie Cook.

Ah yes, there ARE good things going on in Detroit and Keith is one of them.

See ya