Hey all,

Today in East Lansing Michigan the State Championship in Boys Class A was held at the Breslin Center.

Detroit’s Pershing High played against Kalamazoo’s Central High School, it was a spectacular game! Pershing won 90 – 73!

I’ve written about Keith Appling, one of Pershing’s star athletes before, but today he REALLY shined.


I’m not discounting the rest of his hard playing teammates, it’s just that Keith broke the record today for most points scored in a Finals Game (49).

My heart is filled with pride for all those behind this young man. His mother and his grandmother and grandfather – his uncles and aunts, his siblings, all of his family!

And though we all love and support him, I know that it wasn’t us out there on the court today – it was you – so Keith I’m very, very Proud of YOU! Keep going and never forget your foundation….

State Champions!

Sooo much bad news around. Thank God for some GOOD NEWS!!!


See ya