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When I was young, I thought that the Grammy Awards were given in recognition of outstanding musical achievement, and for a while I found that to be true.

Then something happened, and suddenly it seemed just about anybody could win a Grammy with the right amount of sales and publicity. The Nielsen ratings of the Grammy Award Show became more important than the content and merit.

After Stevie Wonder’s justly earned Grammy streak, the “Machine” took over and the major record labels began to pump money all over the place near Grammy time.


Well last night things took a step backwards and forwards at the same time…. Herbie Hancock won the Grammy for Album of the Year! That was a step back to the days of recognizing true artistry, and a step forward from the folly of trying to increase over-all record sales by pandering to the lowest common denominator.

If you haven’t heard “River: the joni letters” CD you can go to Download.com and hear ten tracks from it.


It was a great choice that the Academy made when they chose to honor this CD, Joni Mitchell is an extraordinary artist – so is Herbie (and Wayne Shorter who provides his virtuosity throughout).

Then there is Tina Turner with her take of “Edith and the Kingpin”, one of my favorite Joni tunes. Nora Jones is also there.

There may still be hope for this industry after all…. “Yes we can!”

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Though it may be seem a small accomplishment to many, it’s a great accomplishment to me – my post “Hurt people, hurt people.” has been viewed over a thousand times! Now, I know that many blogs get that kind of traffic in a hour’s time and it took me a few weeks…. but hey, a thousand is a thousand!

Been finding some great music lately and I thought I’d share what I’ve found with you. I’ll start with a fantastic saxaphonist named J. White.


J. is from Detroit, but currently resides in Arkansas where he completed his studies at the University of Arkansas. His current project is named “Melodies From My Heart” and you can hear samples from it HERE.

This is an outstanding work from an artist I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from in the future. J. has a heartfelt lyrical style that shines on each track. My personal favorite is “Relaxation” which reminds me of Stevie Wonder back in the “Talking Book” days. You can hear a clip from that track – and BUY the CD at CDBaby.


I was thinking back to the old days in Detroit when the music scene was sooo vibrant, I began looking around for others who had memories of those old days and I ran across a great site full of information about things like the 20 Grand, Motown, and a lot of the smaller labels and studios back in the day. The site is called Soulful Detroit, and you can spend quite some time there remembering or learning about Detroit’s early musical days – Enjoy!

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t bought your copy of my new CD “The Late Show” – click HERE and get busy!

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Due to the policy of WordPress, I can’t show the teaser video for the song “Rural” from the CD “The Late Show” here.

BUT, you can see it at

A Wendell Spencer Review!

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My new CD “The Late Show” is finally available for PURCHASE!


You can buy it directly from the manufacturer Click HERE, where it’s available to be purchased on-line with either a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card for only $12.00 + shipping and handling (which brings the price up to around $17.00), or you can get it locally for a flat $12.00.

You can hear some clips from this CD below:

Some Such:


Maddie’s Lullabye:
Can I?:
What’s Goin On?:
Change Come:
I may never make ‘Billboard’ magazine, or win a ‘Grammy’, but
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The internet is great at providing information fast, but it can also provide bad information fast and maybe faster.

Ever get one of those e-mails – like the one claiming that the new U.S. dollar coins omit the motto “In God We Trust”?


Well, before you put stock in any of those e-mails, go over to Snopes.com and find out if there’s any truth to them. Snopes researches those e-mail claims and other urban legends. They also can tell you about those unbelievable photos you run across from time to time.

And speaking of “Urban Legends”, NO – some guy named Christopher did not “discover” America on this date in 1492 – it was already there and doing fine….

Ran across this old poster….


That used to be THE Detroit Jazz station….


Rosetta Hines the First Lady of Detroit Jazz, I remember one of her on-air sayings – “It ain’t the size of the ship that makes you sea-sick, it’s the motion of the ocean.”

Ah, the sweet, good old days……

java, slippers, and that comfortable spot….

See ya.